Grand Open EveRMU

Official opening September 2018

Dear players, the return of the server

EveRMU 2011-2018

First of all, on our server, the entire extracted experience is obtained exclusively by the game play! No VIP purchases or anything else!

The ability to simultaneously play game (earn) 2 3 4 5 characters (in several windows) without any restrictions in the number!

Earn REAL MONEY by playing your favorite online game Mu Online on our server EveRMU. For more information, see the forum!

The possibility of purchasing Credits, opening a store  - (After the siege of Castle Siege)

Description of the server:

-Version: Premium Season 4 episode 3
-Experience: 10%
-Drop Rate: 10%
-Maximum stats: 32767
-Statues per level: 5/7/7
-Master of Experience: 10%
-Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
-Get the top item, wcoinc-participating in the events and killing the bosses.
-For each reset you get a bonus in Wcoinc.
-6 new stones:
-Jewel of Exelent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Socket
-Noob map with low monsters for recruits.
-New bosses
-Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
-For every hour spent in the game you automatically get 1 Wcoin
-New Cash shop in which you will see an incredible range
-Auto party system-take Party even when you're not at the computer.
-Auto reconnect system automatically returns you to the game after disconnect.
-Offline trading, sell your goods while not in the game.
-Bonus experience on events is a good reason to quickly raise the level of participating in events.
-Balanced reward on events
-Spots of monsters 5-6 as well as top spots (7-8) on 1 per location
-All spots are allocated to Minimap
-New monsters and bosses.Bonus experience BC Event + 50%
-Bonus experience DS Event + 50%
-Summoner with 1 level.
-Dynamic lowering of experience
-Gens system
-Vip system
-A large number of additions
-Player's pane in the game


-Imperial Fort Event
-Castle siege
-Loren Deep
-Devil Square (1-7)
-Blood Castle (1-8)
-Chaos Castle (1-7)
-Illusion Temple Event
-Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
-Rabbits Invasion
-Pouch of Blessing Invasion
-Golden Monster Invasion
-White Wizard Invasion
-Kalima (1-7) Event
-Kanturu Event
-LaColen Event
-Santa Village Event
-Halloween Event
-TvT Event
-Drop Event

Reset system

-Reset level: 400 (first reset 350 so on)
-After the reset: the stats are removed
After the resetting of the stats: 550/550/550/700/700/600
-For a reset you need 1 Jewel of Reset
-Max Reset: 100

Grand Reset System:

-Grand Reset: 40 resets
-Points overseas resets: 5000
-Grand reser: Awards: 2500 Credits
-Limit of grand resets: No Limit

Site functions:

-Market system: (sell for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen)
-Voting system: (vote every 24 hours)
-Exchange hours: (get credits for playing 1 hour = 1 credit)
-Referral system: (invite friends and get loans for them)
-Zen Bank: (transfer of money to the bank's website)
-Web Chest: (translation of things on the web chest)
-Change name: (you can change the nickname in the game)
-Hide information: (Hide equipment and location)
-Exchange wcoins: (Exchange loans for vkoins)
-Reset master skill: (reset master level)
-Clear inventory

Game commands:

-Standard commands: / post, / str, / agi, / vit,
-/ Ene, / cmd, / pkclear, / re auto, / clearinv, / requests / prop, / party leader
-Additional command: / dcfriend

Game information:

-Fully customized PVE balance
-The balance of PVP and PVM is adjusted,
-A balance party (Silver, Gold),
-Mu Helper works with 1 level,
-Creating a guild 250,
Get 1-2 wcoin for each Gold monster


-Lucky Coin
-Lucky Items System
-Rena Event
-Chaos Card
-Moss The Gambler

Posted 15 / 03 / 2018 By zakonmuonline