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Strongest: LordWar
» Knight: LordWar
» Wizard: ApxaHreJl
» Elf: DSLEE
» Gladiator: Xapgkop
» Lord: Keps
Best Guild: KIICC
Wolf Statue: Failed to Protect
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Ever MuOnline - Perfect server for You!!

« 22.09.2017 EveRMU Online OPEN » 17.08.2017

Dear players. The administration appeals to you with a huge request for found mistakes or otherwise, write about everything on the forum or send an administration.
Contacts :
   - skype: wzakonw
   - mail:
   - ICQ: 684822530
All users who showed interest in setting up the server will be rewarded by the administration of EveR MU!
Sincerely, the administration of EveR MU.
P.S Official opening mu online: 22.09.2017

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« 22.09.2017 EveRMU OPEN » 17.08.2017

Recall that at the moment the server is open and is testing.
Official opening: 22.09.2017
The work carried out during these couple of days:
1. BC DC CC - EXP Increased by + 20%;
2. Fixed Bug with BOW onion for Elf;
3. Configure X Shop;
4. Set up stores in Emblend added items to the sumoner;
5. CC - DROP stones set up Bless, Soul, Life
6. The main awards in the BC CC DC added awards for +1 WCOIN
7. Fixed Drop with Lavra
8. Set up the Drop from Golds.
9. Dropped items of the RF character
10. Set the BC CC DC time
11. The time of disappearance of things on the floor has been increased to 20 seconds.
Sincerely, the administration of the server EveRMU

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« 22.09.2017 OPEN SERVER EveR » 12.08.2017

The server is scheduled to open 22.09.2017
4Season 1Episode Exp:10 Drop:10 + Addition 6Season

1. Put in order stores in the game world mu;
2. Adjusted the spots on the EveRMU project;
3. Carried out the correction for drop: Heart of Love, Silver Medals, Gold Medals, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Chaos, Gemstone, Loch''s Feather, Monarch''s Crest, Condor Flame, Проходки BC DC, Spirit of Dark Horse, Spirit of Dark Spirit, Moonstone Pendant ;
4. Corrected the drop with Heart of Love, Silver Medals, Gold Medals;
5. Putting Goldov under the server. And also set the drop-out box to the corresponding level;
6. Set up a drop +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Box of Kundun.

The administration of EveRMU works daily over the server for a comfortable game on the project.
Watch the news and updates of the Mu Online project.

All comers can taste the taste of the game world EveRMU by downloading the client:

1. Installation file EveRMU : Download MU Online

2. Archive EveRMU : Download MU Online

3. Other sources of client downloads : Download MU Online

Sincerely, the project administration EveR Mu Online.

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